Hello, my name is Dieter Boels and I would best be described as an engineering musician.

I am a freelance recording and mixing engineer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I also write music for different projects and produce for artists, some of them to be found on this website. At the time of writing I have cofounded Soundmarker, a company aiming to help mixing engineers collaborate with musicians.

Three elements characterise the music that inspires me and therefore also my productions:

  1. The music reveals a peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Acoustic and electronic elements are put together to serve an organic and modern sound
  3. Jazz music shines through.

Music has always been my biggest passion, practicing various instruments since I was very young. While studying electrical engineering at university, I was introduced to the science behind music. After working for some time in a purely engineering-focused field I decided to pursue my real passion in life; music.

You can find more details about my background and experience below and projects I have worked on here. Please contact me for more information or projects.

At Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam
At Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium,  2008-2014

Music production and Sound Engineering, Abbey Road Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016-2017

Working experience

Current activities:
Co-founder, Soundmarker, Netherlands, 2018
Freelance recording, mixing engineer, live sound engineer, 2017

Past activities:
Assistant Recording Engineer, Red Bull Studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Stagehand, Da Capo, Netherlands, 2017
Assisting renown Jazz Engineer Chris Weeda, 2017
Applications Engineer, National Instruments, Woerden, Netherlands, 2016
Inside Sales RepresentativeNational Instruments, Woerden, Netherlands, 2015
Live Sound Engineer, VKConcerts, Brussels, Belgium, 2014
Software Developer: Document Automation, Septentrio Satellite Navigation, Leuven, Belgium, 2013

Music experience

Instruments: Piano (6y), electric guitar (8y), accordion (8y), trombone (2y)

Theory: Classical harmony/theory (8y), jazz theory (2y)

Studio experience

Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück, Germany
GAM Studios
, Waimes, Belgium (SSL AWS 948)
Red Bull Studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands (SSL4000 G+E)
Sonic City StudiosAmsterdam, Netherlands (Neve VR Legend, SSL 8000GB)
Wedgeview Studios, Woerdense Verlaat, Netherlands (API 1608)
Wisseloord StudiosHilversum, Netherlands


Dutch (native), French (very good) and English (very good)